Feb 2017
  • 1 Designer (Me)
  • 1 Developer
  • 1 Project Lead
My Role
  • Defining Users
  • Information Architecture
  • Wireframes
  • Visual Design
  • Prototyping
Enabling employers to offer extra benefits to their employees over their basic remuneration.

Jaiby is a SAAS platform that enables employers to offer benefits such as perks and rewards to their employees over and above their basic remuneration. It includes a web interface for employers and an app for the employees to browse and redeem their perks. My job was to design the mobile app experience for the employees.



UAE law makes it mandatory for all employers to offer some basic benefits to their employees over and above their regular remuneration. Smaller companies struggle to offer large benefits or rewards to keep their employees happy and motivated due to smaller internal teams and revenue. With over 400,000 Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) companies in the United Arab Emirates, there was a need in the market for a solution that tackled 2 key issues.

1. Lower the burden on the company’s small internal team and revenue to provide benefits to their employees. (done using the website where employers can manage the benefits given to an employee)
2. Provide employers a way to motivate employees by providing perks and rewards that can be easily received, browsed and redeemed. (done using the mobile app where employees can browse, search, receive, share and redeem rewards and perks)

My job was to design the mobile app for the employees.

Defining the users.


Roberto really likes Gelato. He knows exactly which perk he wants. He needs a search tool.


She is just browsing for a good perk. Will need a browsing tool. She saw something good that she thinks Patrick might like. Will need a sharing tool.


Got a perk recommendation from Angela. Will need to be able to view her recommendation.


Works very hard to win a reward. Will need a tool that lets her accept and redeem rewards granted to her.

Information architecture.

I created site flows, user flows and wireframes to define the structure of the app.


I created a site flow to understand how many pages there were and how they were linked and connected to each other.

Next, I designed the userflow.


Visual Design